Save to config file, Game user settings? (small question)

So i want to save graphics settings to a config file along with some custom variables that i specify. It seems i always go off and start something without
realizing that there is already a simple solution. I have followed this tutorial
and it tells/gives my everything i need to do what i want to do BUT is there already a graphics file that i should be using? etc?
i cant seem to find anything from numerous google searches.

Using only text would require you to make your custom parser. UE4 already got a ini parser and rama has a tutorial on that subject:
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Yes that is the tutorial i mentioned, my only question is that it saves what ever i write to a file called game.ini when there is already GameUserSettings.ini file? Im having a difficult time explaining what i mean but the underlying issue i have is… if i package my game, i dont want there to be two files doing the same thing (GameUserSettings.ini and MyCustomGraphicsFile.ini) it would confuse people if they needed to edit it. So is there a parser i should use to edit GameUserSettings.ini? or just use the one i mentioned?

GameUserSettings.ini is the one that is used by default on a packaged game (or used to be)
but you are not bound to that file you can just use our own file since the settings still needs to be applied by you, changing the ini during runtime will not make a difference in game.

Oh ok, i think iv’e wrapped my head around all this now. Thanks.