Save System

Hi! I’m new in unreal engine blueprints. And I’m creating a game based in a online course, but the course don’t teach how to save my inventory items. I took the Epic Games save course, but I couldn’t implement it in my project. I watched a lot of tutorials in Youtube, but the project ended with a lot of erros.

Take a look in my blueprint classes:

This is my inventory Struct:

This is my add item function:

This is my check for Empty Slot Function:

This is my save game class

This is the component placed in the character class. This handles the Add Item, Check for empty slots etc

Thanks for all!

So how is this supposed to work?

You’re storing an array of classes and how many copies of that class of object the player had?

It’s hard to tell what’s in your save game, because there’s a dialog box right over the crucial bit, but I’d say ( looking at this ), what you need is an array of sandboxes ( your structure ).