Save system don't work in packed build

Hey There

I got a Savesystem which totally works in the Editor. Standalone and in every other playmode but when I make build for testing the player charachter won’t load on the right spot. My char always spawns at the playerstart. In the Editor my char is in the right spot when loading but when I build the project play and save and load my savegame he always spawns at the player start.

Other stuff loads how it should only the player charachter is refusing to work…

Any help or sugestions would be nice.

UE uses different save paths for Play-in-Editor and Built.

IDK how you’re loading, but you need to make sure you save something first. PIE uses a save file that you somehow created, but there’s no such save file for a build game.

Hey thank you for replying.

Maybe I was too tired as I written my question. In the editor and standalone my savesystem works how it should. But when I build my project and play I can hit save and some stuff get saved how it should but my player begins always at the playerstart. I save the transform with my savesystem and in the editor standalone mode it works, only in the builded project it refuses. I don’t know why. I tried that whole stuff with copy the savegame from the editorfiles in the %AppData% path. compiled everything again and even done a full rebuild in the packaging with took houres.

Should I rewrite my Savegame Object class or duplicate it and save everything in there could that be the solutions cause I can’t explain why something just works in the editor and after packaging it don’t.

I rewrote some things now. I don’t know why the savegame was loaded right in the editor and wrong in the build but it works now. Thanks to everyone who spend some time and thoughts here.

Brother my save games not working on android 11
can you help?

Well you have to provide more information how your savesystem works and stuff like that. Most important; does your savesystem allow more than one saveslot or is it like an autosavesystem which always overwrite the last saveslot like almost every mobilegame ever. But here some Stuff you may have to check:

1.) Does your savesystem work in the editor and in the standalone, does it load saves after closing the editor and open it again?
2.) Does your App/Game have all the permission that it needs (Write data, access photos, access camera whatever)
3.) If you you use some notes like get object name in your app that might be an other name in the shipped project and might not work.

It would be great if you actually specified how you resolved this issue.