Save Sub-Levels

I am trying to make a open world map that uses sub-levels to help performance. Every time I load and unload the level it goes back to the way I had it originally set it up.

1, How would I go about saving the sub-levels to reload it with changes made to it?

2, Is it worth using a bunch of sub levels to try to improve performance in open world map?

(This may be in the wrong category so I apologize.)

hey there!
i think you have different choices here.
instead of unloading them, you can just hide them. it might help for rendering performances but still uses memory.

overwise you can store the assets data that you need somewhere it will persist (like in game instance or savegamesystem)
you can for exemple, store the transforms of your actors before unloading the level , and then on level load, restore them in their previous location. a good method would be to use interface for that.

I didn’t even know I could just hid the levels instead of unload them, Thank you!