Save Statich Mesh!!!!!!

Hi, may I suggest that your UE4 I like a lot but there are things that really do not understand and can not stand!

One of these is: why once created a mesh does not save?
Why do not I remember that this mesh has not been saved?

So far I have created hours of work on BSP, created mesh and then go on SAVE great located in the main window … but I forget to save the final asset … then the risk that crash, which unfortunately it happens often. Why not save it all? Why not save it all?

But you can not put a memo saying: Your mesh has not been saved?

Another thing that never works is the UNDO on CreateMesh. When you want to return back it crashes … wasting time, long time.

However, the program is beautiful but there are things that still need to be improved to manage. I hope you can solve as soon as possible.


I have moved your thread to the correct location. Thanks.

Hi Alecxander,

File > Save is only used to save your current level. It does not have any affect on assets. To save the work on your assets, be sure to click Save All on the Content Browser, or, your best option is to choose File > Save All which will save your level and your assets.


I’m concerned about the crashes that you mention. We would like to fix any crashes related to Undo operations. Are you able to easily reproduce the crash? If so, please log a bug report along with the reproduction steps on the UE4 AnswerHub. Follow the link in my signature.