Save Santa in N.O.R.E.D.: The War On Christmas! (Ludum Dare game)

Hey everyone! :slight_smile: Just thought I’d post here to show off the game I made for last weekend’s Ludum Dare gamejam with my friends Graeme, Yoeri and Bruno! In it, you take the role of NORAD and have to defend Santa within US airspace by intercepting evil communist elves in their fighter jets.

The theme of this Ludum Dare was “Entire Game on One Screen”, so we made a game within a game! Gameception! Hope you like :slight_smile: Here’s the official description:

To play the game, click & drag within the radar radius of your airbases to extend or contract them!

Here’s a screenshot:

Download it for Windows, Mac or Linux from my website:

I hope you enjoy it! :slight_smile: