Save / Remember Time of Day?

Hey everyone! Currently, I am trying to implement the save and load function into my game. However, I’m struggling a little with how to save the current time of day – The day + night cycle I have done utilizes the ‘light source’ of the scene, then changes its rotation and updates the sky sphere blueprint.

How would I go about saving the sun’s current position (aka time of day), then picking up from that spot when the player loads the level again?

Hi man,

Create a savegame, get the rotation of the source light and save it down.
Load the savegame, set the source light rotation as the savegame

This is something I thought about, but for some reason the light doesn’t instantly update with the sun’s rotation (so it takes a while, which makes it noticeable and a little clunky). Would something like level streaming be suitable?

I am not sure it will fix it,

I suggest you to add a transition like a widget in the load, that last enought to hide the light update,
Its not always about fixing , sometime you have to dodge or hide the bullets

Whatever you’re currently doing to change the light, can be done just the same after loading the save game, there’s no difference. There would also be no difference if you used streaming.