Save PlayerStart

I don’t find specific answer for my problem. I want to save player start for spawning my character as he overlaps

a box trigger. When the game begins, i want my character spawn at start 1 and when he overlaps the box it saves the game and next time i play the game, he spawns at start 2. I try a lot of solutions but never play.
Thanxs in advance
Sorry for my english!

There is a Check Point System coming out soon-ish

Until then: You’ll need to pass the Player Location to a Save Game Slot though the Save Game Blueprint. After passing the variable, use Save Game Slot, to store the information inside of a .sav file. You can then use Load Save Game Slot to access the value and use that information to set the player’s world location. You don’t really need multiple Player Starts for this as you only have 1 player. Just Set World Location on Begin Play.

Thanks Mort,
I will try this solution !

It works perfectly now!
Thanks Mort