Save player name into a variable?

Hi! I’m looking for a way to save each player’s name, and use this name later to create individual SaveGame files for each player. The main idea it’s that when the game begins, there will be a textbox where the player will write his/her name. After this, the game will begin and I want to be able to create a save file or a slot with the name of the player. I’ve already created a main menu with an editable textblock that allows the players to write their names. From what I was reading online, the best way to save the text from this textblock it’s to cast the variable (I called it PlayerNameTextbox) into a Save Game Blueprint, but I don’t know how to continue from there, and how can I later use this variable to name a file or a slot? This is a part of what I have so far. Any help will be greatly appreciated!


This should work out how you want it to, this creates and saves the player name to the slot of the player name