Save new position of object

Honestly searched everywhere and can’t find an answer that makes any sense. Surely there must be a very simple method of achieving this…

I’ve just today delved into moving objects around the landscape using teleport or setworldlocation commands, so I can move objects or actors or blueprints around the world. My issue is that when I load into a different level and then come back to the main level, all the objects etc that I moved about using the blueprint commands were all back to their default positions.

How do I go about saving the new locations of objects that I moved so when I return to the level they are in the new positions please?

Hi, thats perfectly normal,
if you want that something dont change when you load another level , you need to use “persistent” object or variables or levels.
here a nice video about that

A 28 minute video with what appears to be mountains of coding just to save the new position of one object? LMAO. It’s no wonder I can’t get my head around this UE4. Can’t the developers of UE4 just design it so you can tick a box on an object and it will always remember it’s position lol. Think i’m gonna go back to using RPG Maker MV instead. :o