Save mesh by parts

Dear Community,

From a church and its place I took 2000 Photos for rendering. 
Actually it calculated the model and stuff and it worked really well. 

Now I want to export this mesh to unreal and therefore I need smaller parts.

I tried to use the “Save mesh by parts” option, but somehow it always saves it in one mesh/ one part.

So this function doesn’t work. Have someone run into the same issue? 

Did I oversee anything? 

Any help is welcome.

Best wishes

hello, does your model consist of more parts?

No, it is one mesh. I am confused about that, because in my first Try RC just saved it in 99 Parts on its own.

So You mean, I have to make parts by myself ? But why have RC build 99 parts on its own in the first way?

“Save mesh by parts” set to True will not break a singleton (model consisting of just 1 part) into more parts,

only if your model consists of more parts (such model is labeled large), you can save it with more (these) parts`

to check whether your model is a singleton or large, expand the 1Ds tree to display the model name in the 1Ds panel, next to the model size, you will find the “label” singleton/large,

also depends on what you mean by smaller parts - if you want to reduce their number of triangles or their edge length, use the Simplify Tool; if you want to cut the model into more parts directly in RC, the easiest way is to use the Filter Selection tool, you can also create new partial models using a Reconstruction Region and export them individually