Save LOD Settings as preset?

Hey there,

i wonder if there is a possibility to create my own LOD Group Presets?

I know there are the predefined ones from UE, but if they don´t fit to my projects properties and i have more than 100 Objects that need manual LOD Settings, especialy with the “screen size”, than it begins to hurt! :slight_smile:

Can anyone help or does anyone have a special tip for me?

Older question but i have the same problem.
Someone knows a solutions?
And i’m working with a bigger team, so i cant write it in my local BaseEngine.ini.

You can follow the steps described here:

First, locate your project’s BaseEngine.ini file and open it up inside of a Text editor.
This file is not in your project, but in your engine config files, probably somewhere like this:
C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.18\Engine\Config\BaseEngine.ini

Make sure you make a copy of the file before you fiddle with it.

Now, look for the [StaticMeshLODSettings] section, and it should be self explanatory, if not, follow the steps described in the link above to set it up as you want. You can create and name your preset to something memorable.