Save/Load with "object" type array not working?


I’m trying to implement saving and loading my inventory and equipped items. My entire inventory system is based upon a array of “object” type which contains the ItemTemplate items.

Now I’m trying to save and load this array of “object” type, the save seems to be working, but when I try to load it back in in my controller, the saved array i’m trying to load is empty and I have no clue why.

See screenshots for some of my save/load code.

the strange thing is, however, that i’m doing exactly the same thing with a array of “Texture2D” type and that is working perfectly.

Any clue why it is not working with an array of “object” type?

So saving objects is not possible. I found a solution to my problem though.

I saved my data with a Item_Struct that holds all of the item’s information. Then on load, I spawn my items with “Spawn actor from class” node and fill in the information the item needs from the loaded Item_Struct.