Save/Load Function through widgets and pause menu!

Hello, i have a game that has a main menu with “Play”, “Continue”, “Credits”, and “Exit”. i have the play function open my level and then in the pause menu in game i have, “Resume”, “Save”, and so on. i have the save function working but the only way i figured out how to “load” it is by pushing a button while playing the level. I want to be able to load the save file through the continue button on the Main Menu widget but it won’t load the level and my save file at the same time for some reason. If i set the load function to say push K will im in the level it loads fine but once im at the main menu all it does is load the original level and not the level+save file if that makes sense please any help would be appreciated thank!

The node ‘open level’ just opens the level, as it was when you saved it in the editor.

If you want to be able to load the level with the differences from the save game, then you need to include in the level BP, code to read the save game and make the necessary changes.

Perfect that seemed to work, but i had to load on event begin now when i push the play button it loads the save file as well what would i have to put on the play button to reset to default or somethign?

You can code it so it knows whether it’s the first time the level has run, or if it’s going to use the save game. How you do that, is up to you :wink:

i just duplicated my level and named it default and set the play button up to that, couldn’t figure out the other way :rofl: thanks so much for the help

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