Save/Load buttons in widgets

I want so save from here


And load from here

I want to save from that button, not from one on the keyboard.
I will try later these blueprints

Hello! I am a begginer in UE4 and I want to make a game, the problem is that I want to make working buttons for Save/Load game in widgets. I found few tutorials but not exactly what I wanted. I have a “Load” button in main menu wich I want to use as a “Load” and the “Save” button from pause menu as save button, using BluePrints. Can someone give me a ss with bluprints, or a youtube tutorial?

Not quite sure exactly which bit you’re missing. But, for instance, if you have a save game variable in the game instance, you could do this with a button:

And the save game button would be:

RE: What you posted, then this should do it.

PS: The reason the save game variable is in the game instance, is because this is visible everywhere.

After you have made your own game instance, you need to enable it in the project settings:

I don’t know if I did something wrong or not, but at save I can’t find that “Target”

You need to make a save game variable in the game instance. That’s the target :slight_smile:

That means more bluprints in that? Inside game instance, it’s empty.

Yes, you make a variable in the game instance. The type of the variable is your save game.

Do you have a tutorial or a ss with blueprints from game instance? I think It’s the last step.