Save/Load/Array issue

First off, just want to say that arrays have been an absolute mystery to me for quite some time so this failed attempt has me quite disheartened, although I’m not 100% sure my lack of array skills is the issue.

So, the problem: I’m trying to set up a system whereby already collected in-game currency (“dots”) won’t appear when returning to a level. I’ve done this by adding an integer ID to every instance of the BP, adding this ID to an array when collected and then, on Begin Play, telling it to destroy itself if it’s ID is in the array. However, this isn’t working.

If I get it to print last index on begin play, I get -1. If I do it when I pick up an item, I get 0. I’ve also tried this with “AddUnique” instead of “Add” to the array.

Adding Item ID to array:

On begin play, don’t spawn dots:


Thanks for your help