SAVE LAYOUT : which file is this saved to?

Hi there. When I save my layout and close/restart the editor, it does not retain my layout and i’m trying to figure out why. The project I’m working on is checked into perforce and my assumption of what the problem is is that the file that layouts are saved in is in the perforce project and it’s not checked out, thus the save fails, yet it doesn’t mention any errors. I read that layouts are saved locally, but if that’s true, then I don’t understand why I can’t save my layout. So if you could tell me which file my layout would save to, i can go inspect what’s happening with it when i save. thanks.


Ok for everybody…first create an empty project, open it and then custom your ui interface whatever you want then close it. Now the trick is to go inside your project folder in Saved / Config / Windows / and open and copy every thing inside EditorLayout.ini. then go inside your engine folder in Engine / Config / and paste and save everything you just copy in BaseEditorLayout.ini. Now everytime you create a new project will open your custom ui. Hope this is useful…just leave a comment if it works or if you have questions.

Thanks! Worked like a charm. The Engine/Config folder is located in “C:\Program Files\Epic Games\4.7\Engine\Config” if anyone is wondering.

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In UE4.18.3, there is no Saved/Config/Windows. There is only Saved/Config/WorldState folder.

For recent versions, the accepted answer doesn’t seem to be correct anymore.
In UE 4.20 the layout is stored in your user directory. To be precise, you would be looking for


OK, so the correct location for EditorLayout.ini, where your layout is saved, is:


The correct location for BaseEditorLayout.ini is:

C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.21\Engine\Config

Replace USERNAME and 4.21 with your relevant values of course.

But overwriting BaseEditorLayout.ini will not work. You have to manually save the ini file and overwrite EditorLayout.ini.

Same with engine prefs. We can save these prefs as ini, in Unreal, but we can’t load them from Unreal. They seem to be in BaseEditorLayout’s location, but I haven’t messed with those yet.

Thanks EPIC for making it a pain to handle your software’s layout. And for constantly changing things around, so it’s even more of a pain to understand your changes.

have to agree with this, I know of no other software that allows you to Save Layout from the dropdown menu but then doesn’t offer a Load Layout option alongside. While I love Unreal’s graphic capacities, I have to say the UI feels like it’s been done by an intern 10 years ago and left untouched since. Many fonts are too big and it feels overall clunky for beginners. Coming from Unity with its efficient and modern UI this was quite a shock in the beginning.