"Save" Input from axis mappings


So I have a Input like in the picture below. I need that scale from -1 to 1 for steering a vehicle. But I also want to add some rotation to an object/actor that is attached to that vehicle to have additonal effects.
When I push one of this inputs I want to rotate, but always in the same angle. Also when I release all keys that object should stay in that rotation. That is what I mean with “Save” input from axis mappings (I couldn’t think of anything better than to write this).
Rotating always in the same direction isn’t the problem because you can make an absolute value of -1 what is +1. But how to make it stay there?
I also want to make sure that I don’t use something like “input left/right”, where you have “pressed” and “released” because then I’m limited to those keys on the keyboard. Later I maybe want to add gamepad inputs that shall do the same left and right keys. So it should be something that refers to pitch directly.
I haven’t looked at Blueprints long enough to make this by my own.


any ideas?