Save / Import / export items from one project to another

Hi Guys,

I have one project in which I created a simple house using the basic Geometry brushes.

How do I save that house actor / mesh ( not sure what the correct term is ) as a content item that can be used / imported into another project??

I am not sure if you can save brushes as an asset. But for other assets such as meshes / materials / bueprints you can right click on them in the content browser and select migrate.

Ah K,

Yes - I notice a brush asset is saved in a level but the asset itself is not saveable / moveable between projects.

You can convert your brush to a static mesh. Assets can be ‘migrated’ to other projects. All done with a simple right click in the content browser.

How do you “convert your brush to a static mesh”???

I have it open in a level. I cannot see any option to convert …


Its OK.

I think I found it.

Multi-Select the brush primitives that make up the walls of the house. Then go to FILE MENU / Export Selected - then choose export type ( FBX, OBJ etc ).

A better way is to go into the properties - click onto the little arrow at the Brush Settings - Create Static Mesh :slight_smile:

  • you can move it between projects when you just select them in the level - ctrl+c - open the new project level - ctrl+v