Save game to slot: ID and slot name?

Hi all,
I wish to ask about this function. I’m following the documentation and saw that this function asks for these. I plan to make some highscores, the top 10 will be displayed so is the player gets better, the game will overwrite the older data. Now, if I create a save with the exact same slot name and ID, it will mean that there will be only one highscore?
If so, it means that on every attempt I try to save, like after a level, I will have to read the highscores, check how this score fits and overwrite that using the slot name and ID?
Also, I have multiple game modes. Shall I create different save classes for each?

Consider each save game class as a separate blueprint that has nothing to do with the others, and also unique save names as child blueprints that can hold their own set of data of the chosen variables. So yes, if you continuoulsy overwrite the same save game file, you will update the same set of highscores all the time, and thus only keep one set in totel.

You can store as many variables as you want inside a save game class, so if you want to store all of them in one, or split them up, is entirely up to you since you can overwrite the data you want, when you want. I make one file containing arrays of 10 integers/floats for each of the game modes.

Thanks for the update. The data to save consists of 6 elements: 5 scores and 1 average, it will be determined by the average, which is higher.
This would mean I need a 2D array, 10X6, or can I create 10 different save slots (named slot1, slot2 etc) and 10 different slot ID-s?
So I just read in the actual save games, and insert the current to its appropriate position? or only one slot per save BP, and 10 children as you said?

You can look into “structs”, if you need to keep several variables assembled in one. It’s a variable type where you can keep other variables within.
Creating 10 different save slots seem like extra work.
I don’t fully understand what you mean by your 6 = 5+1 = 10 X 6 setup.

But i would make one save file. Make an arrayvariable in this file for each game mode containing all the scores for this mode.
The average can be calculated when needed in game, so that shouldn’t be necessary to save.

So then you just load this save game file when needed, and reference the needed array within when getting the high scores.