Save Game Resetting Through Level Changes?

I have put this up before with no help, hopefully someone can help me with my save game blueprint resetting variables though level changes. I always get one person saying “did you do this” I say yes and never get anymore responses. I am starting to feel this is a pointless venture to get help from these forums.

So I have a simple side scrolling shooter and I have a upgrade screen. you can go into the screen upgrade them, (and I have print strings up of the values). while on the “Main Menu” map. its getting the upgrade levels and applying them to the save game. If I close it and reopen the game still there. go back and forth from upgrade screen to main menu. stays there! Press the play game button, loads into first map, and the upgrades have reset in the save game blueprint. As you can see in the pics in the debug stats, that the save game upgrade level stays there the whole time till it hits the loading screen of the next map.

I’d try to help but I don’t really have any experience when it comes to levels and saves. My guess is it’s probably got something to do with the initializing of the starting values when the level loads though. You might have to show some screenshots of your blueprint or code on how it’s loading the level. Without more information, it will probably be difficult for others to chime in and help you out because it’s most likely code or blueprint related.

well my level blueprints are empty, and it works if I close out and reopen the game in the same level. It’s only while changing through levels. When I searched up the players vars resetting through levels I found the save game, because it’s suppose to have persistent vars, but they are not being persistent through the levels. Only persistent when closing and reopening the game

If I had coded this, I’d have a global variable and method that’s persistent throughout levels.
In BP, the only persistent BP is the Game Mode, so I’d put all my code there and then save and load it to/from disk.

What you need to work on is Game Instance

Take a look at this tutorial, didn’t watch it myself but all I know is game instance bp persists through levels so you can transfer data.