Save Game Related Data C++


I am trying to save the Login data. I have Login Level, where I save the Username and Password when a user press Login. I also have a Load User info data which will run a function to Load username from saved data. Both of my methods which Save and Load Data with press of 2 Buttons respectively are in a Plugin I am working on and both of these methods are BlueprintCallable too. I am following this ( tutorial for this approach. I have to SAVE and LOAD data in the C++. I have also attached my ‘USaveGame’ drived class

Please let me know if I am missing something or if this is wrong approach and there is another way to do it, as I am in crunch to meet my deadline and this is the only issue left that need to be resolved.

I apologize if asking question in a wrong way, as I am new to Unreal Engine.