Save game question

Hi, my savegame has a number of variables and I realized that every time when i need to set some variables, it will overwrite my previous save unless I load the previous save and then saving it.

It does feels very troublesome if I were to have a lot of variables and have to replace each value in before saving.

Any way to just load/replace all variables at once or perhaps some better ways that I am not aware of yet?

This is save game 101:

Thanks! it works.

I have got a different question about saveslots. In my project i have to save different variables for audio settings (for example) but i save different variables on the same save slot it only saves the last…so i have to save any variable in its own slot. At this point i think the problem is that when i save a variable i always use “create save game object” instead of “load game from slot”…am i right?

Yes, a lot of people do this for some reason. If you make a new save game, it’s totally empty and will overwrite everything. That’s why, in my example there, I show that you only make the save game once…

Using multiple slots creates problems?

I saw ZOF in your link…very good! It’s made by only one person?

You can use as many slots as you like. One good example would be different players, so the game can keep all that stuff separate. Typically, you wouldn’t need more than one slot for each player, it really depends how you want to do it.

Glad you like Zof, yes, just me :slight_smile: