Save game only saves certain items.

I have a save game to save the player’s accessories. The ones they’re wearing and the ones they have. It’s only saving the ones that they have, even though I added saving the ones they’re wearing too. I get the current mesh and materials, and save them in maps and arrays in the save game. Here’s the code:

Perhaps you can’t help it, but it looks very messy with lines all over the place, perhaps you are Italian and love spaghetti? :wink:

Jokes aside, you can’t save / store dynamically downloaded materials. I can’t fully see how your materials are setup, so I assume that may not be the issue here.

Which materials wont save, as you said some will save? Also, are you sure a save game slot has been created and it may be the root issue for why it wont save the data?

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Sorry for the late response, but I just figured out that the Set Array Elem isn’t working for maps keys and values. To fix it I just made a dynamic map (I just figured out you can do that). Thanks for the help though! (and nice joke :spaghetti:)

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No worries! Glad you solved it! :smiley: