Save game on every new package?

Why does every package i create a save game randomly gets created when there is not suppose to be any saves on a new package.

Basically when a package is made a game save gets saved along with the package when the build is suppose to have no saves.

If your build setting is ‘development’, you’ll get the save game packaged in with it. And you need to remove the save game before packaging if you don’t want it in there.

If your build setting is ‘shipping’, the system looks elsewhere for the save game, and it won’t get packaged.

For shipping, the save game lives in:



On the shipping one i did remove all the saves in the game and tried to build it but it gets a save from else where and im not sure why.

So where would it look for the saves exactly? since it seems to be getting it from somewhere.

Oh well thats something i didnt even know i found it strange that it would randomly load something from what i thought was nowhere but this sure did fix the problem so thank you very much for your help.