Save Game not updating/saving correctly between map transitions!

Hello UE4 Forums, currently I’m working a project with an Exploration and Battle Map, ala Final Fantasy or Last Remnant style.

I’m in the process of trying to make it so when you load back into the exploration map, the enemies location and status are all updated and loaded via blueprint, and more specifically through the Save Game Object.

So to give some more context, the system basically is encompassed around 3 different blueprints: The Exploration Level Blueprint, The Standard_Enemy Blueprint, and the ExplorationSaveGame Blueprint.

The game plan is to initialize the enemies stats in the level blueprint, then when the enemy attacks, set his status to dead, and save the states which will be loaded again when we get back to the exploration map.

Not shown below is the ExploreSaveGame blueprint, which is our custom save game class. All it holds is a Bool Array of Enemy States, Vector Array of Enemy Locations, and a Vector for the Player’s Position.

Turned out that I simply hadn’t hit the “Fit to Size” on the arrays, so it wouldn’t load in the indexes into it. If anyone has questions or would like to know how to do something like this, feel free to respond and I’ll help out the best I can!