Save Game / Load Game requires admin privileges

Is it possible to read/write .sav files without admin rights in Windows 10?

Basically problem is that Game Save files are stored in \Users\PROFILE_NAME\AppData\Local\PROJECT_NAME\Saved\SaveGames and that folder requires admin rights so UE4 can read/write.
This happens only in packaged version of project (and stand alone).

I know that I can always start game as administrator but I want to avoid this.
UE4 is unable to Save/Read .sav files so I do not why Epic set this path

I don’t know , haven’t really thought about it, but I have never had a problem with packaged content and save games in windows 10. I figure if you are logged in as a windows 10 user and the user has admin privledges it should be ok. What is happening? is it not saving your games?

Saving to AppData doesn’t require admin privileges… that’s the whole point of using that folder and not writing it next to the game in program files.

You are right. Now it’s working fine, game is loaded and saved without problem (after another compile).
Not sure why not work previously since I did not change anything about Save/Load system.

if you are prompted by UAC about saving to your user folder, double check that there are no other remove admin accounts running at the same time. I’ve recently run into this issue after installing Houdini, got UAC warning every time I tried to write a file on desktop as admin