Save game issue

Hello UE4 community!

I have an issue with my save game and I’ve spent days to manage to solve it whithout any result. So I come to you for help.
I want to use my save game to save score as well as some variables that I want to keep through levels.

I looked the Tappy Chickent project and tried to adapt it to my game. I managed to create my save game in my menu level. In the menu the player has to select which controller he will use, then I save it into a variable (I created an enum). I managed to reuse it in my others level. I do the same thing for all my variables BUT it looks like some variable aren’t changed when I want.

Here is my save game blueprint:

Then I try to load it in my game mode blueprint:

But when I look at the game mode blueprint in debug mode, it says that my varaibles aren’t in scope:

What’s even more strange is that for my “Controller” variable, it says that it’s not in scope but i manage to use it and actually I have the right variable throughout levels.
I really don’t understand the problem.

I hope someone will have time to help me.

Have fun with Unreal!

Your only showing the loading side of your blueprint. Can you show some screenshots of the saving portion? If you don’t have a saving portion of the blueprint that’s your issue. If you haven’t set anything to the variables and saved it you’ll be loading blank/null variables.