Save Game interger array always returns 0

I save and load some Interger array variables using Save Game, the same way as all the other variables in my project, which works completley fine. Each array saves and loads correctly while playing, but upon starting a new game session, it will always returns 0. I set the default variables for the array in my blueprint “Saved” as 5 to see if anything would change, but it still returns 0. I’m careful not to use a “get” function larger than 2, because that’s the size of the array. I’ve tried lots of things at this point, I’m really grateful if anyone can help me out

(default value in “Saved”)


It will be because you’re creating a fresh save game when you restart.

You only need to make the save game ONCE - EVER! :slight_smile:

Once it’s there, you never need to make it again.

here’s my save setup, it only saves once the first time, all my other variables save and load fine so I don’t think that’s the issue. even if I was creating a save game every time the array should still return ‘5’, I think this is something to do with how my arrays are set up

Figured it out, my “Load All” Function was quite large so I transferred it over to the event graph and split up the workload with delay nodes set to 0 seconds. It must have reached some sort of limit as all the variables up to the last few were loading correctly. all the saved arrays are functional now