Save Game in Cloud

I’m looking for auto game save mode in cloud server like, Steam Cloud from Steamworks.

and I found asset in market place Easy Multi Save.

any Blueprints that’s gonna help?

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I’m trying to go for Steamworks Discussions group name (Steamworks DevelopmentSteamworksDev) when you Request To Join, its will say “you don’t reach the minimum requirements” then its will ask you at least to make a deposit of 5$ to your account. even if my steam account2010 older than that group 2 years before founded2012. I think I used steam before all that administrators.

So you want to join the group otherwise you can’t find help, you will do the Deposit 5$, after that, when you click again Request To Join, it will say, the group reach the max pending request, you need to talk to one of the administrators to answer those requests. so the option for group Memberstap its viewable even if you are not a member, OK that’s good!!, so i can find the administrators and talk with them. so you go to the tap called Membersand then find the section of administrators, click on any administrator profile, you are not allow to contact with them or comments in profile, OK that’s good “Privacy For Admins” , so you need to add as friends because you don’t have other option like; send admin group privet message or send request to check your request of joining the group. So that’s fine, you will go with the only option you have as (add friend. then still you can’t send message or comment, you need to wait until the administrator add you back as a friend too, so you just need to wait until… (no one knows!!).

There is a small option right side where you add friend its called, Give This Profile a Community Award, so I think i need to take them attention send Badges even if administrator never add me back, so you will go with sending badges and you need steam points, satisfy them with 10k or 50k maybe some administrator will add you back as friend, then Maybe you need to send more to accept you request to join the Group? all that just because you need to ask about auto save cloud.

I’m really glad and thankful that Unreal Engine not doing that to them users. I just hope and wish that epic games will provide free/paid services of hosting games and game save cloud for them clients soon or later for developing/educational purposes or play with unique friends/streamers even.

No, sorry, that wont do it.

These auto cloud save systems, like Steam Cloud, rely on copying the save game you have already made.

You still have to write all the save game code for your game. The cloud system just copies the save file somewhere else.

Configuring Steam Cloud is literally just ticking a box in the admin settings, I assume other services are similar.