Save game file issue

Hi I am struggling to generate a sav file in my project , at the moment I have my code (will share a screenshot) in the event Init in my Gameinstance , made sure that is the current gameinstance for the project

Everytime I open the project it never makes the save game or adds the folder “SaveGames” in my project

When do you Save Game to Slot?

As soon as the game opens , with a 1 sec delay

Unless I misuderstood you , and just this code will not generate the sav file , I belive that “create save game object” would be enough

That creates an object in the memory, so you can manipulate the data inside. Once you’re done, you need to save it to disk:


You may have it somewhere, but we simply can’t see in the pic - hence the question.

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Thanks , I will look closely to the documentation