Save Game edit/change structure textures

I am trying to come up with a good solution on updating “Texture 2D” variable inside my struct which I use with my SaveGame, what I want to happen is:-

If I change the icon to another texture I want my save game to load the save and reassign the texture to the newly update one

currently I have a way to update it BUT it requires me to add another item to the current struct

EDIT: A possible solution I’ve come up with is to change the Icon from a texture 2D to an integer that will be used to get the index value of an array of texture 2d

what do you mean? it can handle the loading and saving of the texture just fine but if the actor that uses the texture updates, the struct variable in the actor the will be overridden with the texture from the save file

ideally I’d rather disable the saving of the texture as it seems like a waste of memory

What’s the problem with adding a field to the struct?

I’m pretty sure the save game can handle changing shape over time.

I thought you were talking about changing the ‘shape’ of the save game.

Efficiency wise, it makes more sense to save the index of an array, rather than an actual texture.