Save Game / Cloud Kit | Crashes after Splash Screen

After I checked the Cloud Kit checkbox I’ve deployed my game on development mode to my iPhone 6 and tried to open it. It crashed after splash screen. Moreover, I packaged my game on distribution mode and uploaded to Testflight and still got no luck. After unchecked the cloud kit support I can deploy it to my device and testflight easily. Unfortunately I haven’t tried with blank project.

We have exactly the same problem, even from the xCode Debugger we can’t obtain information about the Crash.

The Game crashes when the Enable Cloud Kit Support option is checked and the EIOSCloudKitSyncStrategy is “Always (whenever LoadGame is called)”

Yes, here too. It is reported as a known bug so there is no fix available.

Fix is scheduled for UE4.24 which will not come out before end of this year!
see here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-75695)

Please dear fellow iOS Devs, if you need this feature, visit the link above and vote too for this issue to be solved.
This way Epic can be aware that more people rely on this.

Thank you for information. Voted! I hope they’ll fix this issue in 4.23 on previews.