Save Game and Load Game problem

I used a tutorial on how to save and load the game, and i did it. But the problem is that i have multiple levels, and for example, i’m on level 1, and load a save from level 3, it teleports to the location, but not the level. I’m a beginner at Unreal Engine, and i really need help, so how can i fix this?

(By the way, here is the tutorial i used, if you wanna see the blueprint: How To Save And Load Player's Location - Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - YouTube)

Do you save some kind of identifier in the save file for what level you’re on/is open when you do the save? I’m guessing you’ll have to manually do an Open Level before moving your character to where they were at save…

Yeah, i was thinking about that, but i don’t know how to do it, can you help me out?

How does the user switch levels? When they do that, how about updating a variable that you then write to the save file as “the current level”?
Then read that variable and call open level on the value when you load back the save file.