Save game always failed

Hello, I’m trying to save game records on dead event. After following a lot of tutorials and documentation, nothing works for me. Here is my save function (saver is the savegame blueprint)

As you can see i made a branch so if the save game fails it will print string “error” otherwise “game saved”. I always get “error” whenever my save game is initiated. I don’t think it’s because of my event because even if i changed my event to something like keyboard key, it didn’t make a difference. Is there something that i’m missing? or there a mistakes here? Really appreciate any helps! Thank you

Hey. My example is working. Verify your String “Slot Name”, the String value should be the name of the slot (the name of the variable doesn’t really matter, in my BP I typed SlotName manually). You may also try to organise things and try not to connect everything at the same time. Another thing is, better not to put the save stuffs inside character as the player can die, controller for example is a persistent class. And last thing, in the latest version of UE, it seems that you don’t need the cast anymore after creating save game object. Hope it helps.

Thank you! yes I did forgot to verify the slot variable haha. It’s working now!