Save for later/Select content in shopping card

You can either do “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart”. If you add to cart it seem like you must buy everything added in the cart. If you find some interesting stuff, but not sure whether you need it yet, it would be nice with a save for later option.
Something as simple as when you go to Check out, you can mark what content to include for this purchase.

I mean if you have 10 items in your shopping card, and only want to buy 1 item you can click on it and choose buy now. Though if I want to buy 5 out of 10 items, this process is not optimal. I want to mark from the shoppinbg card which to buy now.

A wishlist has been request multiple times before and the epic staff is aware of this. All we can do is wait.

Edit: But for the time being you can do it like me: You can actually have two different Shopping Card lists, one that is stored for the launcher and one that is stored for the website.
I always add items, I want to remember for later, to my shopping card of the marketplace accessed through epic games launcher.
On the other hand, if I want to buy multiple items, I access the marketplace through my internet browser, add items to the shopping card and then checkout.
The shopping card on the website has never affected the shopping card on the launcher, so far.