Save every actor in the map that was placed in-game. Block building game

I have been developing a block building game with blocks, plans (doors and foundations and such) and furniture. Ultimate creativity based game.

So, the way I have the save game now is that every shape saves as a save game object. I plan on adding many, many shapes. I have an array set up for each one’s location and material separately and save game to slot for each separately as well. This makes it long and messy. I am wondering if there is a way (possibly with structs, I still don’t understand structs very well and am having a hard time grasping it) to save all actors in the game into an array, or struct or something, and reload them in 1 array. So I don’t have tons of functions and tons of repeated setups taking up space and making it tedious to add a new shape.

Here is a picture of the current save/load games:

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: