Save does not remove star from icon

When pressing save or save all, the star is not removed from the map icon. I have a setup with several streaming layers and save all basically leaves me wondering if saving takes place or not. I usually do a save all before I exit the editor and then when quitting it asks me to save everything again which I just saved.
The data are saved but this is quite vexing.

See videolink text

Hey Wallenstein,

I gave this a shot in a clean project, but when I saved the map using the same method that you did in your video, it was not marked dirty after saving, meaning the save appeared to work as expected.

Have you been able to reproduce the issue in a clean project?

No, I assume it has something to do with streaming levels. I have a persistent level and several streaming levels. This is where it happens.

Hey Wallenstein,

Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to reproduce the issue on my end after multiple attempts. If you are able to provide a detailed list of repro steps that I can use to reproduce the issue, please feel free to reopen the thread. Without a way to reproduce the issue, we are unable to take further action at this time.

Have a great day