Save data (long strings) on server or any other external place.

What options do I have to share data between players (not multiplayer) for example a list of the best records or any other textual information.

Hi man, i am confused about your question,
share between players but not multilplayers , but on server ?

If you just need local players to access a BestScores ,
create a structure , put inside some strings and float to register the players and points,
You can put it in a custom-game-instance , where is loaded until the game is closed, and where every player can access it, just “Get gameinstance”
random link How to use the Game Instance in Unreal Engine 4 - Couch Learn

You need to save your BestScored in a saveslot too, otherwise at every start of the game the scores will be reset.

So at the game start, you use you gameinstance to search the BestScores savegame, load it , and when changed, save it down again.

Thanks and sorry for the confusion.
For example I want to keep records of all the players in the world and share the information with everyone. Hope this is understood :rolleyes:

if you want to keep ScoreRecord of all local-players in the level,
and share the ScoreRecords between every player in the level?
For this is good the prev answer :slight_smile: