Save data handling issue

I’ll outline what’s happening and if anyone knows what’s responsible for this sort of thing some help would be very appreciated. (i’ve combed over all the little details and see no minor mistakes)

What I want: on my main menu level I load a save game, get a variable from it, possibly change it. On a different gameplay level I want to load that same save data and access that variable.

Problem: if I change the variable in my main menu level, and it comes back as “true” from the blueprint node that tells you if it was saved or not, then open my level and access that saved data, my variable is wrong (it didn’t save the correct value, is F but saved as T, for example). The game instance however can carry the data between the levels just fine. If I return to my main menu level, it loads the wrong value as if it was never saved.

If I save the variable in my main menu, then close the game without opening a new level, then restart the game- it keeps the correct value AND when I open a different level it can read the correct value.

I have no idea what’s going on here.