Save Data for Editor Utility Widgets

I’m trying to save widget information for use when re-opening the editor. I’m using the Save Game object and it seems to work as expected when I close the editor utility and re-open it. However, if I compile or restart the editor, the data is not loading correctly.

I’m saving an array of widgets and on load adding them as children to the main widget. Does anyone know why this wouldn’t work when restarting the editor or recompiling the blueprint, but does work when restarting the utility without compiling?

Is this even possible?

I could not find a solution. Honestly I did not even manage to save and load data with my widget. But I am not a programmer. Just an artist with some basic blueprint knowledge. Since weeks I am trying to find a way to save and load presets for my widget. :frowning:

Store variables values in Editor Utility Blueprint - #2 by ClockworkOcean maybe this can help?

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Thank you! So far with some limited testing this seems to be the way to go.