Save data "erased" upon using open level from a load game function

Ok so, I’ve setup a save game load game system. Works fine to save players data, and as long as I load from the level I save on, character will be put back where I saved at. However if I save on level 2, and restart game and now start at level 1, if I load save it just puts player in location on current level. I tried to use open level function and it opens the right map, but other than that rest of saved data doesn’t get loaded in. I thought I could do a work around and upon level load using level blueprint using load game function and then assign player data from the save game, but no joy. I’ve searched and searched and haven’t been able to find anything that deals with this problem at least not that I could find. Using 4.18.3.

Pics show load dialog how I have it now so it opens the level (I removed all the player information since it was getting “erased” or not read anyways).

Same problem for me. Did anyone find a solution for that?

I just realized reloading the map also reloads the game mode. And that resets my savegame.