Save data before unload levels

Hello everyone,
I am developing an open-world game and I’m experiencing troubles with the world partition system.
I set my streaming chunks and everything works fine, but I’ve noticed that when my character goes out of range the actors unload as it is supposed to be, but on returning in the loading range, all the actors reset their position to the original position.

For example:
I am breaking some cubes with force, and when I return to the loading range for the chunk the cubes spawn at their default position, instead of their last position when they broke.

Is there any kind of tutorial for this dynamic saving for objects? I’ve been looking for hours without success.
What my approach should be in this kind of situation?

One thing I can do is to check “always load” on my interactable objects in the map, but I sense there has to be a smarter way of doing that in terms of scalability.

Using UE5 btw