Save custom data

Is there a way I can save custom data to an array so when I restart the server and it boots back up I can access it again.

I want to save an array or a custom player class I made… it would store the players steamid and some custom strings etc.
something simple to learn like a int counter…

So when the player logs in it can look up the array see if the steamid is already in it and add one to the counter…
Then print a message to the player “You have logged in X times”

I really want to store more data then that … for a RPG mod but I need to learn the basics … and if it can even be done…
Like currency for players to trade with etc.

I modded Minecraft for many years … there I would make a hashmap save it to sql and back to a hashmap for something like this…

Theoretically I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to do this via blueprinting provided the variables/arrays needed were exposed. It would require quite a bit of intricate blueprinting though I would think.

Take a look at the DinoArena level blueprint and check out how some of the events work in the graph editor to get an idea of how some of the process might work. I know you can use XML files with UMG in UE4 retail, so I would assume you could do the same in the Dev Kit (haven’t tried though).

I don’t have a for sure answer to this, sorry to say. This is the best I got xD

Hope this helps at least a little bit

  • Sinari

Did you have any success with this idea? I am just starting out with modding Ark (have prog experience in multiple languages, and some minecraft modding etc). So for an idea I have I will need to save data but am having trouble finding out if it is possible with the ark modding kit?