Save current session for rejoin.

Is there a way to get the current session and put in a variable?, for rejoin purposes. Like when the player dies, and hit the re spawn button to rejoin the session.

Question, why is dying removing you from the session?

Do you mean disconnect from server?

+1, i want to know too if rejoin is possible. Also i want to know how to hide session from finding session because when game starts, i dont want more players to join, only DCed player to reconnect…

i want to reconnect the player when he dies , for blueprint refreshes.

No offense, but that does sound like bad code if you need your players to reconnect to reset values.

On topic: After finding the blueprint session result, store it in your GameInstance, since thats the only thing that survives level transitions.

yeah , i know where to save, but how to find the current session?

I dont understand your problem, if you know where you put it, why cant you get it? What you are saving IS the current session.