Save Current or Save All causes loss of parent child (Assign To...) relationship

This particular issue is driving me crazy. I’m trying to parent a static mesh to another object. In this case a simple camera I will be applying random motion to.
I right click the static mesh (Police_Car in attached) in my World Outliner and select ‘Assign To’ choosing the parent object. Works correctly and I can play back my animation in the viewport.

However every time I do a Save Current or File - Save All this parent -child relation ship is lost and I have to re-assign and reset my Transform values.

What is happening? The attached should make this clear.
Using 4.26 Preview 7.

Ok so I might be on to something.…6984/view.html These actors are also being used in a Sequencer. So in this case I’m guessing I have to ‘Attach’ in the Sequencer window?

But what does ‘Attach’ mean, attach to parent or attach a child? And what Attach options should be used?

Thanks for any feedback!

In sequencer use the plus sign for the child, Attach to the parent. Depending on what version of UE you have, this can behave strangely. In 4.26 you can set the transform of the child in relation to parent and do all kinds of things by clicking on the attachment properties.

Thanks. Yes have it working. One of the other issues was I had child objects in the sequencer that did not have any animation keyframes directly applied to them.