Save current level (level streaming)

How to save current level when using level streaming?

First 2 pics how i would save if i wasnt using level stream
Pic with red arrow me trying to save current location (dosent work)

So how??

Also I see now Pic with red arrow was suppose to be “Load Stream Level” Node. Instead of open level. Dosen’t work either anyway.

When you say


The open level basically chucks away everything, including any streamed levels and the persistent.

If you want to stream it, but tick the ‘make visible’ box.

Also, if you’re streaming, GetCurrentLevelName will give you the name of the persistent level.

NVM! this works. How delete question?

Your right :frowning: So how do I save current stream level? just save world location and when he spawns he enters box trigger? to begin streaming?

Yep that worked thanks. :slight_smile:

You put a variable in the save game to store the stream level. When you stream, you put the name in there.

When you want to reload, get the name from the save game at the same time as the location. Then you can stream the level and put the player in the right place.

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Hi there, I’m currently attempting to do this using the SameGame states so that I can save the player position at any given point but need the level that they are on at the time to save. I can’t quite work out however, on how to setup the save game so that I can save and store the level streaming name so that it’ll reload it.