Save Current Level as...? gone?

I am trying to save an existing level as a new level.
in UE4 it was available as Save Current Level as…

Can’t find it inside of UE5?

It’s still there under File. However, once I helped another guy with the same problem and he said that the map was in a “no-copying” mode. That sounds like its the case here.

The “Save As” button is definitely missing from the File context menu and it would be nice to have

Explain this:


Being that this is a new version of the engine, bugs are to ensure. But it’s definitely not present as one would expect. If there is a no-copy mode I don’t know what that would imply, the .umap is not set to read-only which would be my first guess at that.

What’s interesting, is the hotkey is present in the editor for Ctrl+Alt+S in the settings

But this has no affect when pressed.

I believe the Save As is currently not possible for levels where World Partition is enabled.

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