"Save Current As" caused the lights in my level to change!

Hi All.
First of all, a bit of a warning.
I’m complete new to Unreal Engine so please bare with me…

The Issue I have:
“Save currect as” from the file menu caused the lights in the level to change.
More precisly, it caused the LightSource to take affect (finally).

I tried changing the general light in the level to be more of a sunset light.
First I tried rotating the Light Source actor.
It didn’t help.
The shadows did change, but the light did not change at all.
I tried rebuilding the light. didn’t help.
I changed the color of the light to be a bit more redish.
It only affacted only the static meshes on my scene - the house, rocks, trees exc…
But the general light of the level remeained the same.

No matter what I did, the level remained in Mid Day kind of light.

BUt, when I saved the level using “Save Current As” from the file menu, the light changed!!!
Why Is that?
How Saving as caused the Light Source to finally take affect?

Thank you

I just ran into this issue today! I know this post is old… did you ever find a solution?