Save Code Share [EU new copyright legislation could hurt collaboration]

this is loosely UE4 related, at least to some of you coders out there, just thought I’d bring this up if no one’s mentioned it yet.

The EU is preparing new copyright legislation that will force automated copyright infringement checking for all code that’s shared online. Many Open Source organizations are worried about the implications, and the Free Software Foundation Europe has launched an on-line campaign against it. Please read and sign it!


Reads like another own goal for Europe! :frowning:

Europe is a really weird place to live.

“Ambiguously worded and inconsistent”, “Incompatible with the Charter of Fundamental Rights”, “Incompatible with existing EU law”. This last one is my favorite :slight_smile:

I don’t think they gonna pull this off. It’s just another “smoke and mirrors” kind of bs to take away the attention from something more important thing they do behind the scenes.

You are confusing Europe with the EU. They are not the same.

It really is weird. For every good regulation like GDPR they follow up with a completely insane one like this.